Friday, August 17, 2012

Code Mapping for Designers

The nature of a design solution is related to how a problem is perceived, defined and articulated.

The Design Process requires the collection of as much critical and relevant data and information as possible concerning any particular design problem and from this information you can begin to formulate your intentions and ideas. The more information and knowledge you have gathered of the design issues and parameters, the greater the potential for a fluid, efficient and realizable project.

I am presently in the process of developing 'Code Mapping for Designers', which is intended to help guide you through the complex and confusing IBC. This mapping is from a designer's point of view and will help you account for and integrate applicable regulations in a timely fluid manner which is directly related to the design process. The mapping  organizes the basic required codes into an accessible list with section references that will support and strengthen your designs.

Knowledge of the applicable codes will affect your early intentions, ideas, concepts  and design decisions. It is imperative for you to integrate these basic regulations into your design thinking strategies so that your creativity is grounded in the applicable regulations and requirements, which will then allow your creativity to flourish without major design flaws showing themselves later in the design process, causing you to make major design adjustments or possibly worse.

Account for regulations
Interpret application
Accommodate within schematic
Integrate into design

"Codes act as boundaries for design options that can be considered. Therefore, full awareness of all codes is a crucial foundational element to solid design decisions for any client."
Botti-Salitsky, pg. 124, Programming and Research

Your  design is required to respond to, integrate and fulfill all applicable codes and regulations governing the project. The regulations are absolutes unless you can prove them otherwise. They have been developed by experts in the field through research and evidence and are there to protect the public's life safety, health and welfare. We need to think of these regulations as working for us and not against our creativity. To adjust our thinking that they are there to serve our creative thinking,
just like gravity, heat, wind, rain, etc.

Think of these regulations as a process of:


Codes is one of the twelve factors in the Datum Line Equation.

I will be offering 'Code Mapping for Designers' on-line soon.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

T2 Design + Archtecture Website announcement

Its has been a while since I have posted.

Been busy developing an architectural practice and continuing my teaching.
Today my firm T2 Design + Architecture launched its new website.
I invite you to visit the site, take a tour and tell us your thoughts and comments.

Also I am presently hard at work on a few publications.

Code Mapping for Designers
How to Select an Architect
How to Select a Builder

I will be writing about these subjects and others over the next few months on this blog.

So, until I have something to share with you that is worth anthing, enjoy what your doing.